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Potentialist Serum

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The potentiator serum is designed for all hair types. It soothes and strengthens the scalp and thus protects it against external aggressions.

  • Universal serum for all hair types
  • Reinforces the microbiota of the scalp for better and healthier hair
  • Prevents the accumulation of pollution particles, styling products and dead cells
  • Prevents the formation of unwanted odors from the scalp
  • Acts instantly to provide comfort and a feeling of freshness to the scalp
  • After 7 days of use, the scalp is healthier and is protected from aggressions such as pollution
  • After one bottle the scalp and hair are protected from oxidation and external sources of stress
  • Contains prebiotics and vitamin C

How to use

After washing, apply 3 doses of serum to a towel-dried scalp, section per section. 1 dose = 1 pipette filled to the reference mark. Gently massage. Do not rinse. Repeat after each wash.

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