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Essential Hydration Fondant

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Lightweight moisture-restoring fondant enriched with Manuka honey and ceramides for curly and very curly hair. Provides curls with light hydration without weighing them down and gently detangles even the most stubborn knots. Increases the body and density of curls while enhancing their shape and elasticity. Use Curl Manifesto's complete hair care routine for fuller-looking, perfectly defined, naturally "bouncy" curls.

This conditioner is gentle enough to use daily, and it has been designed to be used in conjunction with Bain Hydratation Douceur. Cover your hands with conditioner then apply to mid-lengths and ends by "scrunching" them, working the hair product actively into the cuticles. Massage over the entire thickness of the hair to maximize the product's penetration into your curly hair.

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