Fundamental Day Cream

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Nourishing, frizz-reducing, leave-in day cream with Manuka honey and ceramides, for curly, very curly and frizzy hair. Ultra-light smoothing cream that intensely hydrates, detangles effortlessly and protects hair against heat up to 230°C. Reduces frizz and preserves the shape of curls by repelling up to 80% humidity. Use the complete Curl Manifesto routine to achieve soft, healthy-looking curls that are defined and full of vitality.

This lightweight, moisturizing cream, when used in conjunction with the jelly, is ideal for hydrating curls, and encouraging their formation and definition without weighing them down. Apply the moisturizer by rubbing it on your ends to the roots in an upward motion, while detangling the knots with your fingers. Stimulate the formation of curls by gently "scrunching" the hair. When "scrunching" your hair, be sure to keep your palms flat to boost curl vitality. For volume all over the hair, put a small amount of the hair product on the tips of your fingers then apply to the roots before massaging in the rest of the hair.