Absolute Blond Cicaextreme Mask

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Available early February

An intense conditioning and deep repair post-bleach treatment mask for sensitive bleached or lightened hair.
This mask in creamy gel fortifies the structure of the fibers in depth to rebuild the hair after bleaching. It intensely hydrates and densifies the fibers to enhance their look and feel. The duo of hyaluronic acid and edelweiss oil enhance the flexibility of the fibers to prevent future damage and split ends so that the hair is easier to style and detangle. Suitable for over-processed and very sensitive blonde hair, the Cicaextreme mask reduces hair porosity after bleaching and closes open scales to give hair fibers an even, healthy look. Hair fibers are repaired, fortified, shinier and extremely soft from root to tip.

A creamy white, creamy gel that strengthens the fiber structure deep down to rebuild hair after bleaching. Hair is 94% stronger and more resistant.

  • Hair fiber is 85% more hydrated and bouncy, with 24-hour frizz control.
  • Hair is 34% more supple after five applications of Bain et de Cicaextreme mask.