What's included in the cut?

We always start with a consultation when you arrive. We want to see your hair in its natural state. Then we move on to shampoo. Maybe your hair fiber needs a little more love with a personalized treatment tailored just for you. A hair massage will be done, just to relax!

Then the magic happens with the scissors. The Cut starts on damp hair, and always ends on dry hair.

Hair styling is included in the cut. You choose the styling style: straight, curly, wave, brush only etc. After all, why leave the hairdresser looking the same as when you leave the house in the morning?

How much do your services cost?

Prices vary according to the level of the hairdresser and the type of service.

You can refer to the service section on our website. Otherwise you can call us to find out more and/or to make an appointment for a free consultation.

Regrowth coloring? What does that mean?

Very simple: we come to cover your regrowth of gray hair. A color regrowth varies from 3 to 8 weeks, depending on how your hair grows. We have several types of coloring, for the different types of hair, but also to give the final look that you like. The lengths will also be refreshed at the same time as your regrowth, depending on the level of washout. Usually we do the shader for the lengths once per 2 or 3 regrowth coloring appointments. Please note: obviously your hairdresser will advise you on the best frequencies to suit your lifestyle.

Why come for a free consultation?

First to meet you! Then we can discuss your project for cutting, coloring, sweeping, treating your hair before a highlighting service. The possibilities are great! We also discuss your budget, what you use at home to take care of your hair, etc. Then by booking the appointment, we make sure to put the right times in the hairdresser's schedule to respect your availability and everyone's time.

Is being on time for your appointment important?

YES! Very important even. The reception and salon management team works together with the hairdressing team to book the right times for the right services so that when you arrive for your appointment we are ready for YOUR moment. It is a form of respect that we have towards you and that we ask you to have towards us as well. Your time is valuable and so is ours! Since after you, we will certainly have another client or we will want to respect his appointment time too!

Highlights or highlights?

These are two different techniques. Highlights: Your hair will be bleached by being wrapped in aluminum foil all the way to your hairline. Balayage: your hair will also be wrapped in papers BUT the bleaching will start lower, to make a natural effect with your natural hair regrowth. Then a shader must be done to give the right color tone wanted, but also to rebalance the porosity of your hair. Depending on the desired result, shadow-roots may be used to create a depth effect at the start of the sweep.

Are there delivery charges?

Delivery is free in Canada with the purchase of more than $75.00 of products.The cost of delivery varies depending on your location and the size of your order

What is the delivery time?

We promise delivery will be made within 1-5 business days of order being processed.

Can I track my package in real time?

Yes you can track the package. As soon as the order is placed, you will receive an email containing a link to the Canada Post site. You will therefore be able to track your package at all times.

Is it possible to buy online and pick up the order in store?

Yes! Arrive at the collection, select the delivery method "pick up in salon". We are open 7 days a week. When the order is ready to be picked up, you will receive an email indicating that it is ready.

What payment methods are accepted online?

We accept the following payment methods online: American Express, Mastercard, Visa, Paypal, GooglePay, Shop Pay and the Sezzle payment plan.

Are online prices the same as in store?

Yes, the prices are the same on the online store and in our salons. However, some promotions may be valid only online, and others only in store.

Who should I write to if I have a question?

Several choices are available to you: here via the chat on the website, on Facebook, on Instagram, via email at info@mcoiffure.ca and always by the good old method of the telephone by calling at 514-270-2268.